• Telescope (2024) Co-directed with Naomi Andrew and Anthony Joseph. Collaborative ethnographic short film documenting community conservation and local experience of climate change in Grenville, Grenada. 
  • In the Garden (2023) In this animated essay film, a farmer reflects on how gardening changed the course of his mental health journey.
  • My Grandfather’s Passport (2023). Co-directed with Marina Espinach. Written by Carlos Rivera Fernandez. Collaborative short film using stop-motion animation to explore family, heritage, and identity
  • Peveril of the Peak (2022) Co-directed with Justine Farrant.  Observational ethnographic short film documenting the gathering of Irish folk musicians at a historic pub in central Manchester.
  • Incubator (2022) Co-directed with Cameron Mackie. Ethnographic short film following the egg incubation process of an ex-Viet Cong, millionaire-textile business mogul who retired to the quiet village of Marple in Greater Manchester to be a chicken farmer.
  • Thin Ice: Fishing and Climate Change in Qaanaaq, Greenland (2021) Ethnographic research and fieldwork in Qaanaaq, the northernmost settlement in Greenland, for BFA capstone project, resulting in documentary short film and photo essay.
  • Eleventh Night (2018) Ethnographic short film documenting community ritual and Protestant bonfire demonstrations in Portadown, Northern Ireland commemorating the Twelfth of July. 
  • Busted Knees and Broken Cameras: A Love Story (2018) Photo-film following a married couple over a month of work at their camera shop.
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